Personal Insolvency

It's not just companies that run into financial difficulties...

Everybody’s human and we all have different strengths.


Some are better with managing money and debt than others and while some are able to pay off what they owe – others struggle and get further into debt until it becomes a big problem.


There’s a range of solutions that can be applied to help anybody get out of their personal insolvency struggles – depending on the situation.


Consumer individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs); self employed IVAs and personal bankruptcy are some of the most well-known but which is appropriate for you?

Consumer Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

There's a solution to individual debt issues that doesn’t involve bankruptcy and allows you to hold onto your major assets like your family home

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Self Employed IVA

A self employed IVA is similar to a consumer IVA in many ways but with some significant differences to recognise the essential employment status of the petitioner.

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Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is a form of insolvency and is really only suitable if you cannot pay back your debts in a reasonable timeframe.

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