HMRC Enforcement

Here's our advice when HMRC come calling...

All creditors are equal but one is more equal than others.


HMRC is renowned and relentless in their pursuit of overdue or outstanding obligations from debtors.


Whether your company has tax arrears from PAYE, VAT, or corporation tax, we can assist you in putting together a definite plan to make sure that HMRC are placated and the problem debt dealt with.

This can also include:

  • An upcoming tax bill you’re worried about paying or might not be able to pay
  • Historic tax debts that continue to accrue interest and surcharges
  • Receiving a statutory demand for tax arrears
  • Contesting an HMRC winding-up petition
  • Being visited by revenue enforcement officers or bailiffs looking to distrain on assets

We can negotiate with HMRC on your behalf and draw up an agreed plan of action that could also include a Time to Pay agreement which would give you time to build a repayment strategy.


We can also help you look at your internal processes to make sure that once you are up-to-date and on top of your tax affairs that you remain there.

Winding Up Petition

A winding up petition is an intention to close your company down and if not responded to promptly and properly — it will.

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HMRC Notice of Distress

Receiving a Notice of Distress from the HMRC may be a surprise as they are relatively rare but they represent a serious imposition and threat to your business.

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Time to Pay

HMRC is the most prolific creditor in the UK — more companies owe more to them than any other organisation so they are used to hearing why people can’t pay their due tax.

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VAT Bond

A VAT bond is a rare but serious intervention from HMRC designed to secure advance payments from businesses it deems at risk of non-payment.

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Bankruptcy Petition

Receiving a creditor petition for bankruptcy is the point when businesses become personal.

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