Case Study

When Citrox Ltd started to experience trading problems (March 2012), mainly of a cash flow nature, we contacted a variety of organisations including our bank and potential sources of loans. We got little or no positive feedback or useful opinion. As a last resort we contacted an Insolvency practitioner (Robson Scott).

After a series of meetings with Robson Scott they talked through the problems with the existing Citrox Limited company. Robson Scott produced a critical pathway which helped with both the present problems and future projected problems. This led to the conclusion that the company needed to be placed in administration and eventually into pre-pack (formation of a new entity). Ultimately this meant that we had now a clear pathway from which we could recover our intellectual property and also gave us the opportunity to retain the existing customer base.

I can honestly say without the help of Robson Scott we never would have been able to produce a workable reconstruction model for the business.

Not only have Robson Scott been instrumental in constructing a ‘recovery’ programme but they have at every step of the way given us valuable advice and in my opinion they have effectively mentored us and have been proactive as a ‘consultant’, in fact they been instrumental in .helping to give peace of mind that the actions that have been undertaken are sound.

As a result the new company (Phyto Innovative Products Ltd) has not only retained its customer base but it is now experiencing sales growth according to the financial projection encapsulated in the current Business Plan, which incidentally Robson Scott has been intimately involved as a constructive critic.

I would not hesitate to recommend Robson Scott to any other business which finds its self in a similar position.