Rocksolid Race Ltd

Rocksolid Race Ltd has now ceased trading and is due to enter Creditors Voluntary Liquidation by the end of January 2017.

Unfortunately this means that:

  • All upcoming events have been cancelled.
  • The Company will not be able to process any refunds from the Company account.

As described on the Rocksolid website there are a number of avenues to consider in relation to obtaining a refund of your booking charges before lodging a claim in the Liquidation process.

It is anticipated that any dividend to unsecured creditors on the matter would be minimal and accordingly you should ensure you have done the following before claiming in the Liquidation:

  • We are actively working on a resolution with the booking Company in relation to the funds that are being held by them on this matter and they will send an update as soon as possible.
  • If you paid by credit card, contact your card provider to find out whether they are able to process a chargeback.
  • If you paid by debit card, contact your bank to ascertain whether it is within their policy to process a chargeback, however not all banks offer this security.

If you have done all of the above and still not been able to procure a refund please complete this CLAIM FORM and return it to along with:

  • Proof of your booking.
  • Proof of any expenses you have already incurred for the day of the event where you are unable to obtain a refund.

When updates and any information is available for creditors this will be provided accordingly and we would request that correspondence is maintained by e-mail to