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Employee transfer

Directors’ redundancy – can I claim?

Can directors claim redundancy following liquidation? Directors’ redundancy entitlements have historically been ¬†difficult to successfully claim for. It used to be the case that directors were unable to make redundancy claims from the government-backed National Insurance Fund (NIF) where they were also controlling shareholders. The NIF is managed by the Insolvency Service and provides statutory payments for employees that have been made redundant. However, contrary to much popular belief, the position for directors has changed in recent years. This applies even where a director is the sole director and shareholder of the company.   Case law: Secretary of State V Knight The current case law relies on the court of appeal finding in the matter of Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills v Knight.   The respondent in this appeal was the sole shareholder […]

Liquidation – Some Practical Tips

This is not a guide to liquidation, but a look at some of the important issues that arise during the process that you might need to consider… There are a few guides available that will explain the different types of liquidation along with the liquidation process – indeed on our Business Shut Down page, I explain the liquidation process and options at some length. ¬†The purpose of this blog is not to repeat that information, but to give some practical advice and tips for you to consider alongside the insolvent company liquidation process (also known as Creditors Voluntary Liquidation and CVL). Having decided that the company cannot continue in its current form, your next most important decision is whether the business should just shut down and disappear completely, or whether you should start again? The legal […]